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How To Do Emdr Sessions Specifically Focused On Childhood Trauma

20 Jan 2023

At Virtual EMDR, we get a lot of emails from our clients, and we are always grateful for their input. One of the questions we get asked a lot is, "How do I use EMDR to work specifically on my Childhood trauma issues?"  

The Lifelong Effects Of Bullying

20 Oct 2021

Victims of bullying often suffer from PTSD that last throughout their lives. See how Virtual EMDR can help you find peace.

Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences

02 Aug 2021

Do you find that your traumatic childhood events or ACEs keep coming back to haunt you? Try Virtual EMDR today to see how we can help you face your trauma.

Aftermath: Coping With Trauma And Grief After A Mass Shooting

15 Apr 2021

Mass shootings leave in their wake tremendous emotional and mental aftermath for survivors, families and communities. How can communities and individuals heal from the trauma and grief? Learn how trauma-focused therapy such as EMDR can help reduce the pain from the inside out.

Empowering Beliefs In The Time Of Covid 19

09 Apr 2020

What would you give to go back to your life as it was before Covid-19, just mere months ago? If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear, or stress, learn how you can use the Virtual EMDR program to change your current thoughts to empowering beliefs. You'll be able

What Is The Very Worst Symptom Of Ptsd?

03 Jul 2019

We asked the people who used the Virtual EMDR PTSD and Trauma Programs to complete a survey ranking their #1 worst PTSD symptom. Here is what they had to say.

What To Do If You Have Been Affected By A Mass Shooting

04 Oct 2017

 What post-traumatic symptoms can you expect to experience if you have been involved in a trauma, such as a mass shooting? What can you do to help someone suffering from PTSD?  

What Do Iron Man And Emdr Therapy Have In Common?

03 Jul 2017

Super-hero Iron Man uses brain-modification holo-simulation technology to deal with his past-life traumas, which is similar to what EMDR therapy does.

Do You Have These Hidden Symptoms Of Trauma And Ptsd?

03 Jun 2017

Do you have symptoms of PTSD and Trauma that you are unaware of? Before you can take action to get well, find out if you have a problem using this short self-assessment test. ​

What’s Next For Survivors Of The Manchester Bombing?

24 May 2017

For the survivors of terrorist attacks, such as the Manchester bombing, what post-traumatic symptoms can you expect to experience? How can you help someone who has been affected?

Seeking Volunteers For Our Trauma Treatment Study

06 May 2017

Virtual EMDR is conducting a new study on the effectiveness of at-home, self-administered EMDR Therapy on people who are struggling with single-incident traumas. Are you interested?  

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