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Laughter therapy

02 Jun 2019

Tags: Self-guided therapy , Positive Beliefs , Shame , Career

I started the session feeling shameful feelings of professional inadequacy and incompetence.

I ended the session with laughing and laughing and laughing until I was crying about how ridiculous I have been treating myself and all the pressures I place on myself and others may have of me!


Lots of self love poured through me with positive statements like " I'm always with you and love you." 

Also insight into how clever I've been to create my life and circumstances. A truly surprising and wonderful bodywork session unfolded.


The privacy to do this in my home and privacy to laugh and cry and speak to myself I'm finding so great! I have no self consciousness or restrictions.

This was my second session in 2 days. I'm looking forward to many sessions over the many months!


Q: What Negative Beliefs did you have when you started?

Professional incompetency and inadequacy


Q: How did you change these to Positive Beliefs?

Laughter just came up and lots of it!


Q: Where are you now on your journey?

I will also include some breath work (rebirthing) with Virtual EMDR therapy for complete body clearing as well. It is going to an interesting year!


Warrior Woman


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Virtual EMDR
07 Oct 2019

What a wonderful story of love and laughter! So inspirational to hear how you were able to see through the old negative beliefs that were holding you back. Thanks for sharing your story and looking forward to hearing more as you progress on your healing journey!

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