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My journey to health

Tags: Positive Beliefs , Relationships , Domestic Abuse

I had a narcopath husband for more than 30 years. I also have a sister who started fights with me growing up and attempts to do so today.

After learning about narcissistic abuse, I decided to retrain my mind and emotions with EMDR.

Most of us have a past that complicates our now and future. Take control and make your own path without the things that make you find ways to cope.

That I could influence other people's behavior.


Q: How did you change these to Positive Beliefs?

That I am okay, a nice, smart person who will direct my own path and not buy into others negativity.


Q: Where are you now on your journey?

I am eliminating unhealthy behaviors.


Q: Anything else to share with the Virtual EMDR community?

We are not alone. There is help. Reach out and let others help.


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Virtual EMDR
07 Oct 2019

Donna - thank you for sharing your story. It take courage and strength to recognize that you don't have to let other people's behavior affect you. We are all rooting for you on your healing journey! You are not alone.

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