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How I overcame my health anxiety

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I suffer from health anxiety. Virtual EMDR helped me a lot to once and for all defeat this problem.


Q: What Negative Beliefs did you have when you started?

I had negative feelings about my health. They were so serious that I thought it would kill me.


Q: How did you change these to Positive Beliefs?

I told myself that this physical sensations are not serious. I have power to stop them!


Q: Where are you now on your journey?

I am moving forward rapidly.


Q: Anything else to share with the Virtual EMDR community?

Thank you and stay strong. People have enormous power to overcome fears.



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Virtual EMDR 07 Oct 2019 Reply

Hi VG - So happy to hear that you are able to take control of your physical pain and your health anxiety. The mind is indeed more powerful than the body. Wishing you all the best on your mental and physical healing journey.

Shawn 24 Jul 2020 Reply

Hello VG, How long did it actually take for real response. I am in it for 3 weeks now and I still have really bad days. I know I am in a storm with Covid all around us but i seem to be stuck somewhere. Everyday is a new death ailment.

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