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I feel like me again

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I have suffered with depression for a long time, it’s something I have to live with….so I thought!


I’ve been suffering with depression over the last six months, getting worse as the days go by. My sister is a mental health nurse and she was pushing for me to receive EMDR treatment.

So, I found your website after some research. I have used Virtual EMDR a few times. 


I’m staggered at the improvements with a few sessions with myself using your system. After ONLY using it for 2 days, I felt like me again!

I now feel well enough to go back to work.

This is with only 4 days now of using it out of 3 days. This has only been a very recent development.


Since using it last week I have massively noticed the difference. 

My two sisters have broad knowledge on post-traumatic stress, how the brain works and how the brain deals with trauma. So they know their stuff.  They have seen the change in me also.

Thank you, 

Jay Crawford


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Virtual EMDR 07 Oct 2019 Reply

Hi Jay- thank you for sharing your story. Happy to hear that using Virtual EMDR has helped with your depression. Glad to have the old you back! Please continue to use the program and spread the word to others who may also benefit from Virtual EMDR.

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