History of Virtual EMDR

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Virtual EMDR founder Jeff Tejcek tried EMDR Therapy for the first time on the recommendation of a friend who had also experienced severe Childhood Trauma with lifelong impact. He immediately feels the difference — and starts to think about how to bring the healing power of EMDR to people who need it.

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Following an extensive research, development, and testing process, the initial version of the Virtual EMDR Therapy Program is launched. It is the world’s first online, self-guided EMDR Platform and is designed for anyone to use in the privacy of their home, without waiting for an appointment, or needing to go to a therapist.

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Virtual EMDR reaches its first milestone: 1,000 clients! We start to receive a flood of emails and messages from people telling us how the Virtual EMDR Program helped them, healed them, and transformed their lives.

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Virtual EMDR starts its first of many partnerships with other mental health and healing organizations by partnering with a large in-patient addiction center in the US city of Chicago. Their clients are given unlimited access to Virtual EMDR upon discharge so that they can access help 24/7 whenever they need it.

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In response to client requests, Virtual EMDR expands its suite of treatment protocols to include new programs for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression. Now, Virtual EMDR offers 7 complete treatment programs.

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During the Covid Pandemic, Virtual EMDR is there to help thousands of people suffering from trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression. We offer our program free of charge to first responders and frontline medical workers all over the world.

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Virtual EMDR has grown to become the world’s number 1 provider of EMDR Therapy sessions. And in 2024, Virtual EMDR is launching 3 new EMDR Therapy programs: The Virtual EMDR Youth Program, Gratitude and Appreciation EMDR, and the Virtual EMDR Personal Performance Program.

Our Founders


Jeff Tejcek

Founder & COO

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EMDR changed my life completely. I believe that it can change yours too.

In 2012, Jeff Tejcek founded Virtual EMDR after his own experience with EMDR changed his life completely. Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from childhood abuse and neglect, Jeff struggled with anxiety, uncontrollable emotions, and self-esteem issues.

He set out to transform the traditional EMDR therapy process so that anyone struggling with difficult and painful emotions can access EMDR’s life transforming power –affordably, anonymously, and at any time regardless of their income or ability to access a therapist. He is proud that Virtual EMDR has been able to help thousands of people since 2014, in particular the military vets and first responders who serve our communities.


Adeline Ng

Co-Founder & CEO

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EMDR has the power to change not just
your life, but also your family, your loved ones,
your community.

Adeline co-founded Virtual EMDR with Jeff, after seeing first-hand the amazing impact that EMDR therapy has on people struggling with trauma.

Her goal is to use her 20 plus years of professional experience to bring Virtual EMDR into the homes of everyone who can benefit from it. She is grateful for the opportunity to impact people’s lives, and for the many therapists and clients who provided valuable input to make Virtual EMDR what it is today.

Adeline is a qualified lawyer and Harvard MBA and worked previously in Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Partner With Us

Virtual EMDR partners with Organizations, Therapists, and Affiliates to bring the power of EMDR Healing to your community.

Some of our partners:

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