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How Do I Know If My Emdr Session Was Successful? (how Should You Feel Afterwards)

04 Apr 2023

So how do you know if your EMDR therapy session was successful? And when it’s done, how should you be feeling? What kind of emotions will you have?

How To Do Emdr Sessions Specifically Focused On Childhood Trauma.

20 Jan 2023

At Virtual EMDR, we get a lot of emails from our clients, and we are always grateful for their input. One of the questions we get asked a lot is, "How do I use EMDR to work specifically on my Childhood trauma issues?"  

Virtual Emdr Announces Partnership With The Elite Navy Seal Future Foundation

01 Sep 2022

Virtual EMDR Eye Movement Therapy, an online, self-guided trauma therapy program that provides thousands of EMDR sessions each month to clients world-wide

The Lifelong Effects Of Bullying

20 Oct 2021

Victims of bullying often suffer from PTSD that last throughout their lives. See how Virtual EMDR can help you find peace.

Depression Is More Than Just Sadness

24 Sep 2021

Depression is very common but serious medical condition which affects millions of people. Are you depressed ... or just going through a sad time in your life? Take this test and find out.

Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences

02 Aug 2021

Do you find that your traumatic childhood events or ACEs keep coming back to haunt you? Try Virtual EMDR today to see how we can help you face your trauma.

Your Childhood Trauma Is Not Your Fault

05 Jul 2021

As children, we lean heavily on the people around us to provide us with our basic needs; this includes the validation of our feelings. See how Virtual EMDR can help you reprocess your emotions.

How Your Childhood Trauma May Be Affecting Your Life As An Adult

21 Jun 2021

The lingering effects of your unresolved childhood trauma could be holding you back from your full potential. Try Virtual EMDR today to see how you can gain back control over your past.

Recognizing The Relationship Between Physical And Mental Health

07 Jun 2021

Struggling to maintain good mental and physical health? See how Virtual EMDR can help you to align your mental and physical wellness goals.

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