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Are you suffering from uncontrollable Anger?

The Clinical Anger Scale (CAS) was developed by Prof William Snell. It is used by mental health professionals to preliminary diagnose “clinical anger”, which is chronic and pervasive anger different from normal anger.

Anger is a normal human emotion. However, you may have anger management issues if you have difficulty controlling your temper, or if it comes out in unhealthy ways that could hurt others or yourself. You may struggle to express your feelings calmly and end up physically harming someone or saying things you do not mean.

If uncontrolled, anger issues can lead to serious problems in your relationships, career, health, and other aspects of life. Anger management is a common problem, with 1 in 10 adults experiencing symptoms. Both men and women are susceptible to anger.

Take this short 5-minute test to see if you are at risk of Clinical Anger which is chronic and pervasive anger, and learn what actions you can take to get help.

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