Are You Overwhelmed
With Stress?

We all experience Stress. But when Stress becomes overwhelming and chronic, it creates a problem.
Take this self-assessment test used by mental health professionals to determine if you are experiencing unhealthy Stress.


What Is Stress?

Stress is a natural and adaptive reaction that occurs when you feel unable to cope with demands placed on you.

Not all stress is bad. In healthy measures,
stress can give you strength, spur you to take action, and heighten awareness of your surroundings.

However, living with severe or moderate stress for an extended period of time can affect your wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally.
As many as 3-in-4 people may be dealing with unhealthy levels of Stress.

Symptoms of Stress Include:

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Physical symptoms, such as Headaches, Fatigue, Digestive issues

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Experiencing Anxiety, Irritability, and frequent Mood swings

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Feeling overwhelmed and difficulty concentrating

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Using alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or food as a coping mechanism

Stress cause significant distress and negatively impact your body and mind.
Luckily, EMDR can help you manage and overcome your Stress.

Take Control
of Stress

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How Does Virtual EMDR
Work on Stress?


Data from 10,000 Virtual EMDR Sessions

EMDR has been successfully used to help individuals manage and alleviate symptoms of Stress.

While EMDR was initially developed for the treatment of trauma-related conditions, its application has expanded to include various Stress-related conditions. Unlike traditional treatment, Virtual EMDR works faster, is more effective, and delivers longer-lasting results. This is because EMDR addresses the root cause of Stress, not just the symptoms.

Many people report feeling a noticeable improvement in less emotional distress, even after just one session of Virtual EMDR!

Select the Stress Protocol You Need

Virtual EMDR offers multiple EMDR Protocols to help you:

Identify specific stressors or triggers contributing to your Stress

Desensitizing the emotional charge associated with stressors

Equip yourself with Coping Skills to manage Stress

Reframe Beliefs and Negative Thoughts contributing to Stress

In each session, simply select the EMDR Protocol you need, including protocols for
Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, and more – all included in your Virtual EMDR
unlimited subscription!


Unsure if You
Have Stress?

If you think you may be experiencing Stress,
take this free test. The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)
was developed at Carnegie Mellon University
and is widely used today to measure a person’s Stress level.

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Let Virtual EMDR Help You
Overcome Stress

Simple, easy-to-use. Even if you have never done EMDR before.
Check out why Virtual EMDR is uniquely designed for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m New to EMDR. Can I Use Virtual EMDR on My Own?

Yes definitely! Thousands of people have successfully used Virtual EMDR on their
own without a therapist, including beginners who have never done EMDR before.
Virtual EMDR is easy-to-follow with step-by-step guidance. You’ll be gently guided
through each stage of EMDR, through videos, illustrations, and real-life examples.
If you get stuck or need help getting started, check out our affordable Personal

Can EMDR Be Combined With Other Stress Treatments or Medications?

Yes, EMDR can be used in conjunction with medication and complementary therapy.
If you are currently undergoing treatment, consult your therapist or physician to
ensure a coordinated treatment plan.

Are There Any Side Effects of EMDR for Stress?

Virtual EMDR has been used successfully by thousands of clients to treat Stress.
While many people find EMDR to be fast-acting and effective, some individuals may
experience temporary increases in distress before improvement occurs. These
responses are typically short-lived and are part of the healing process.

How Long-Lasting Are the Effects of EMDR for Stress?

EMDR does not guarantee that your Stress will never resurface. However, EMDR has
been shown to be effective in reducing Stress symptoms, and for many people,
these effects are long-lasting.
Factors that affect effectiveness include: the nature and origin of stress, your
environment, lifestyle changes such as exercise and relaxation practices, social
support, and personal factors such as resilience.
However, because EMDR addresses the root cause, rather than merely relieving
symptoms, it is often more effective and long-lasting than other treatments.

Ready to take the

Stress Test?

The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) was developed in 1983 at Carnegie Mellon University.
It is the classic stress assessment tool used worldwide to measure a person's stress level.

It comprises 10 questions with 5 choices.

Estimated Time to complete: 5 minutes

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