Are you living with Depression?

Depression affects more than 1 in every 4 adults at some point in their lives.

Many are high-functioning people who appear “normal” on the outside, but are inwardly struggling with inner demons that are always present.

Living with Depression is exhausting and drains the energy and life out of you. You feel alone, afraid, trapped in your private hell.

Symptoms of Depression:

You’re living in permanent numbness, beyond sadness or pain

You’re convinced that things are never going to get better, no matter what happens

You’re permanently exhausted from pretending that things are fine, when they are not

You’re unable to recall what “normal” or “happiness” feels like

Unsure if you have are Depression?

Depression is not the same as Sadness. Take this self-assessment test used by mental health professionals to determine if you may be experiencing Depression:

Are you living with Depression?

EMDR treatment for Depression is based on cognitive theory. Cognitive scientists believe that Depression is often caused by negative thoughts and beliefs.

Additionally, people suffering from depression tends to exacerbate their condition by unconsciously focusing on these negative thoughts, while placing less value on positive ones. This bias contributes toward lasting feelings of hopelessness about the future.

EMDR helps to overcome depression by re-connecting (or “re-processing”) the neural associations in the brain associated with the negative beliefs and memories. Simulating the natural steps of memory processing, EMDR first acts to reduce (or “desensitize’) the unwanted emotions such as sadness, fear, and emotional pain, and then replace these with empowering emotions such as hope, confidence, and power.

In addition to standard EMDR protocol, Virtual EMDR also offers specialized programs for Depression to help you:

Overcome Depression that is linked to specific traumatic memories from your past

Address “general” feelings of Depression that are not linked to specific events or memories

Support your existing treatment plan for Depression

Let Virtual EMDR help you overcome Depression – and feel like
YOU again


FAQ about Virtual EMDR

I am new to emdr. can beginners use virtual emdr?

Definitely! Virtual EMDR was designed for people with no prior experience of EMDR. The program is intuitive, easy-to-follow and comes with full instructional videos and examples.

If you need help getting started, Virtual EMDR offers affordable coaching sessions or find a therapist from our Therapist Network.

Is emdr safe to do on my own?

Despite what some therapists claim, the fact remains that thousands of people have successfully done EMDR on their own. Virtual EMDR delivers thousands of sessions every month.

Benefits of a self-guided program include: Taking total control over YOUR healing journey, deciding which issues you want to work on only when you are ready, setting the pace and frequency of your sessions, being able to focus 100% on your issues, and building self-esteem that you did it yourself.

However, self-guided programs are not for everyone. You are best placed to decide if this type of program is suitable for you. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure.

I am currently working with a therapist. can i use virtual emdr?

Absolutely! Many people use Virtual EMDR concurrently while working with a therapist. They find that this can accelerate their healing.

Virtual EMDR complements your therapist-guided sessions by giving you the power of “in the moment” healing when symptoms unexpectedly strike (which is seldom during your scheduled therapist session).

This power to address your symptoms when you need it MOST is one reason why Virtual EMDR has proven to be so effective for so many people.

i suffer from multiple conditions such as depression and addiction. will virtual emdr work for me?

Yes, many people have used Virtual EMDR to treat complex and chronic emotional conditions. In fact, people often find that many conditions are linked and stem from a common root cause, such as childhood trauma.

By using Virtual EMDR to address the core issue (instead of just relieving the symptoms, as other treatments do), you can successfully address the real problem – and eliminate all these conditions at the same time!

What our clients say:

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