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For Therapists

Enhance Your Practice With Virtual EMDR

Did you know that Virtual EMDR can help you to enhance your practice and at the same time help your clients to feel better faster? And if you sign up as an Affiliate, you will be paid 35% of the subscription cost of any clients you refer.

Virtual EMDR can help you:

Integrate Guided Sessions with Self-Guided Sessions at home

Track your clients’ progress through their self-reported Emotional Distress Rating and Session Worksheets

Remote Eye Movement Tool® to conduct online sessions from any browser (only available on Therapist Plans)

Full unlimited access to Virtual EMDR for your own use

See Therapist Plans

Plans include access to both our self-guided EMDR programs and also the Virtual EMDR Remote Eye Movement Tool which is used to oversee EMDR sessions with your clients.

Monthly Therapist Plan



PLUS: Remote Eye Movement Tool®

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Try FREE for 3 days

6-Month Therapist Plan

Less than $50/month


PLUS: Remote Eye Movement Tool®

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Annual Therapist Plan

SAVE 50%


PLUS: Remote Eye Movement Tool®

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For Organizations

Let Virtual EMDR Help Those Under Your Care

Did you know that Virtual EMDR works with organizations of all sizes and missions to bring effective, affordable, and immediate mental health treatment to your members?

  • special list icon Health authorities
  • special list icon First Responders and Military organizations
  • special list icon Insurance companies
  • special list icon Medical centers
  • special list icon Long-term care facilities
  • special list icon Self-insured Employers
  • special list icon Non-profit groups

Virtual EMDR can be used as a standalone self-guided program or integrated with therapist-led sessions.

UNLIMITED YEAR-ROUND ACCESS to Virtual EMDR starts from UNDER US$10 a person a month!

Interested? Get in touch to see how we can help you!

For Affiliates

Bring The Power of EMDR to those who trust you

You can get paid for helping to change people’s lives by introducing them to a mental health treatment that is:

  • Developed by Experts
  • Proven & effective
  • Affordable
  • Available anytime
  • 100% Anonymous

Affiliates earn attractive monthly commissions while helping others to feel better.

Therapists, Coaches, and Online Influencers earn 500, 1000, or even 2000 dollars every month for doing little more than putting a couple of posts on social media. Here are 3 reasons to be a Virtual EMDR affiliate:

1. Insatiable Demand

Need for Mental Health has never been greater, with over 300 million people living with mental health conditions – yet 8 in 10 people can’t get the help they need

2. Proven #1 Product

#1 Online EMDR program with strong track record of proven results

3. Recurring Commissions

Earn up to 35% of every sale you make – including renewals!

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