Case Study of PTSD, Negative Emotions, and Trauma

22 Apr 2019

Tag: Anxiety , PTSD

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After moving cross country to start a new life, Sarah found that her PTSD and Trauma symptoms came flooding back. Her stability was gone. 

She heard of EMDR Therapy and wanted to try it. And after finding the Virtual EMDR Program, she thought it might be ideal for her situation. 

Click on the link to watch the short (4 minute) You Tube video to see her explain how Virtual EMDR helped her get back to living.


  • How were your results?
  • Would you recommend the Virtual EMDR Program to other people? 
  • What did you like most about the Virtual EMDR Program?
  • Has using Virtual EMDR helped you to regulate your negative emotions?
  • What made you decide to try Virtual EMDR? 
  • Has using Virtual EMDR given you access to any forgotten childhood memories?


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Brigitte Finn · 11 Aug 2019

I was diagnosed with severe PTSD a very long time ago and was told that that I probably had it going back to my childhood. I suffer terribly . The therapist that I was seeing for years refused to send me for EMDR, our sessions were the way she wanted , not what were my issues.


Miki · 16 May 2019

Does this work with people with DID, PTSD, GENERALIZED ANXIETY & MDD disorders?


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