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Virtual EMDR for your Enterprise

Are you a:

  • Insurance Company
  • Employer with a self-insured health plan
  • Non-Profit organization
  • Local Health Authority
  • Military or public service organization
  • Community support group
  • Residential Treatment Center
  • Long-term Care facility
  • Medical or Educational Institution

looking for an affordable and effective EMDR option?

Did you know that you can offer Virtual EMDR to your members?

We work with institutions and companies of all sizes to make EMDR treatment accessible to those in your care


  •   Full Virtual EMDR program - unlimited access anywhere, anytime 24/7
  •   HIPAA, GDPR, MHRA certified
  •   Scalable for any number of users
  •   Access through your existing portal or a dedicated Virtual EMDR site
  •   Integrate with therapist-supported EMDR sessions
  •   Real-time reports and data analytics to track results

We work with all types and sizes of organizations, in line with our Mission:

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