How to Get the Results You Want From Virtual EMDR

10 Oct 2016


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If you take your time and work hard at EMDR Therapy you'll get the results you want, if you don't you wont. It's really that simple.

Both Virtual EMDR and the Virtual EMDR for Addiction Program are complete, self-administered EMDR Eye Movement Therapy programs specifically designed for at-home use without the assistance of a therapist.
Our online EMDR Therapy Program teaches you how to do complete EMDR sessions at home and on your own and features the same type of EMDR technology being successfully used by therapists and addiction rehab centers world-wide.

The other day I received an unhappy email from someone who signed up for the Virtual EMDR Eye Movement Therapy Program to work specifically on their depression and low self-esteem issues.

In her email she said that she wanted to cancel her subscription and that our program did not work for her. We give our customers a complete 30 day money back guarantee, so first I sent her a refund.

Since I am so passionate about EMDR and what our company does, I wrote her back to find out the details. I asked her why it didn’t work.



I wanted to know what we could do to improve Virtual EMDR and maybe this person had some sort of insight that we had missed during development and beta-testing.

Were you doing a least one or two sessions per week? I asked. Were the instructions too confusing? Did you understand the control functions of the different EMDR Session Tools? Could you tell me what happened?

Her response? “I tried it once and it didn’t change anything and I still had the same problem,” she said.

I thought to myself, does she really think it will work just like that and after just one attempt?

The fact is, learning self-administered EMDR Therapy takes a bit of practice.

The first time you tried to learn to ride a bike, did you just jump on and away you went with no training wheels? Of course not. But this person thought they could do the EMDR without practicing or even trying to learn how.

And that’s just not going to work.

You know how they say that losing weight is 80% diet and only 20% exercise? Well it’s really the same thing with self-administered EMDR Therapy.

Getting good at online EMDR is 80% practicing what to do in your session. And anything that’s worth doing takes a little bit of effort.

You can’t just try EMDR Therapy for ten minutes one time and then throw in the towel and say “I’m not getting any better, this isn’t working for me.”

The most important thing is to be patient and work your way through those first couple of awkward sessions where you are trying to learn the EMDR process.

To be honest, EMDR Therapy isn’t all that hard to learn. It doesn’t even take very much effort. But if you sign up for Virtual EMDR and expect magic to happen with no effort at all on your part, you will be sorely disappointed because you won’t get the results you are looking for.

It is very important to read ALL of the instructions carefully and become familiar with the EMDR process and the steps of an EMDR Session. You may even want to begin with some practice sessions.

Your first Virtual EMDR Session might take you an extended length of time because you will need to teach yourself a few key ideas and concepts.

  • Your first Virtual EMDR Session might take you an extended length of time because you will need to teach yourself a few key ideas and concepts.
  • Your second session may only require half the preparation time because you will understand what to do better.
  • ​By the time you get to your third and fourth sessions, the prep-work will only be a few minutes and you’ll be able to jump right into the EMDR.

In fact, in beta-testing, users generally had what they commonly described as a more awkward experience their first two times using our program. It was only on the 3rd session and after that they really got the feel of how the program works.

Eventually you won’t even need to read any instructions at all- you will know exactly what you’re going to do before your session even begins.

Virtual EMDR works great! But only if you work at it. Even one or two sessions per week over the course of 4-6 weeks are often enough to eliminate common issues.

Becoming proficient at using the EMDR Session Tool may take some practice-don't be surprised if you feel awkward or uncomfortable during your first few sessions. Stick with it and the results will follow.

These days there are a handful of EMDR programs and videos available on the internet, but ultimately they consist of little more than a dot moving back and forth on your computer screen or some beeping audio tones that you have no direct control over.

No instructions at all. Totally useless. 

IMPORTANT-An online EMDR software program without specific step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the EMDR session process is kind of like a car with no steering wheel. Sure it will drive for at least a bit, but you’ll have absolutely no control over where you’re going with it.

If you do decide to try out EMDR at home, you need to choose a complete program that teaches you the EMDR process step-by-step. Good examples would be the Virtual EMDR Program or for treating addiction issues, the Virtual EMDR for Addiction Program.

Otherwise, there’s really no telling where you’ll be headed.

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