Tangible Life-Changing Results

Virtual EMDR is the only tool I have found that ACTUALLY gets rid of negative beliefs once and for all! After using it with the right targets, I could see tangible, life-changing results in hours!

By Sophie Thorpe

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Sophie is the owner of Your Style Sister, a London-based coaching and mentoring program that helps women to overhaul their lifestyles and transform their self-esteem.

During a recent phone call with us, Sophie teared up and expressed her thanks saying that Virtual EMDR helped her profoundly:

Virtual EMDR is the ONLY tool I have found that ACTUALLY gets rid of negative beliefs, once and for all!

After using it with the right 'targets', I could see tangible, life changing results in hours!

I've never seen or experienced such a powerful tool before, and I've tried pretty much every therapy known to Humankind!

I will be using it personally and professionally for as long as I am alive.


Thank you Virtual EMDR!

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Virtual EMDR · 07 Oct 2019

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Thank you, Sophie, for your kind words. We too hope that you will continue using Virtual EMDR for as long as you need. Please continue to spread the word, so that others may benefit from the power of Virtual EMDR.

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Dee · 03 Oct 2019

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Lol, so funny to hear that you tried every therapy known to humankind!

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