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Virtual EMDR completely changed my daughter’s life

Tags: Trauma , Grief , Desensitization , Fear

We used Virtual EMDR to address my teen daughter’s trauma, grief and fear. This program completely changed her life. Thank you!

My teen daughter, Ashley, experienced serious trauma several years ago when two adverse events happened close together. The first was the death of a close relative, and around the same time, she started getting bullied by some kids in the neighbourhood.
Things got so bad that she began suffering panic attacks whenever she was triggered by certain reminders. Almost every week she had a panic attack.

These attacks were so paralyzing that it began to affect her schoolwork and social life.

We took her to counsellors but it didn’t seem to help.

The panic would hit her so quickly that she didn't have time to try to implement the coping strategies they recommended. 

Her reactions kept escalating and escalating. We got so desperate that we even considered moving to another town to let her start anew.


Over the summer, we found Virtual EMDR online and decided to try it, thinking we had nothing to lose.

I noticed an improvement in my daughter after the very first Virtual EMDR session. She just seemed calmer. 

After 4 sessions of Virtual EMDR, she felt so calm that what used to trigger her previously had no impact.

She told me “Mom, I just felt nothing, no panic. Completely neutral”.


I am glad to report that her personality is back to normal! She has not had any more panic attacks.

This program truly made all the difference. Thank you!

(Note: Some personal details have been disguised at the request of the author)

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Virtual EMDR
07 Oct 2019

Dear Mrs R- Thank you so much for your open and raw sharing. Your courage, and your daughter's resilience, in dealing with the traumatic incidents, is truly inspiring. We are honored that Virtual EMDR was able to work effectively for your daughter in helping her cope with the repeated triggers she faces in her daily life. Thank you for allowing us to share your story.

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