A Mental Health Action Plan is simply a list of what the problems are what exactly can be done to move towards fixing them. This gives you a clear layout of the things you need to do to get better and also can serve to show you when you’re veering off course.

Here is a partial list of things you may want to write about in your Mental Health Action Plan.  You can add anything else you think may be missing:

-First, what’s the problem that you want to change?

-What are your goals and how would you like things to be different?

-What could you start doing to help yourself fix this problem?

-What’s missing in your approach to addressing this?

-Is there anyone in particular that you need to contact to make this process move forward?

-Are you taking care good of yourself?

-Should you go to therapy? Or get on medication? Or start Virtual EMDR Eye Movement therapy?

-And also, what are you doing now that you should start to avoid?

Here are some examples:

-If you’re struggling with addiction, are you going to 12 Step Meetings and counselling?

-If you’re depressed or have crippling anxiety, have you seen a doctor or started taking meds?

-If you have trauma and PTSD symptoms are you in CBT (cognitive behavioral) therapy or attending support groups?

-And if you can’t make it in person are you at least doing EMDR Eye Movement Therapy , CBT sessions, Skype 12 step meetings, or counselling online?

To get this process started take out a piece of paper and ask yourself, what exactly is the problem? And what’s the one thing you should be doing differently?

"When we write by hand, we have to coordinate verbal and fine movement systems," Dr. Helen Macpherson of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University said. "And when we learn new information, for example at school or in a university lecture, we don’t write verbatim, which means we have to create our own summaries and concepts."

So please share. What’s missing for you to be 100% well and happy? What steps do you need to take to deal with your mental health or addiction issues and live a happy and fulling life? And why aren’t you already doing it?

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