25 Oct 2019

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Are you resisting the things in your life that you simply can’t change? And is this resistance a sign of codependency?

The emotions that we stuff deep inside are by definition the emotions that we aren’t allowing ourselves to feel. And trying to control what we feel is rooted deeply in fear and feeling threatened.

World renowned author, spiritual guide, and mental health advocate Deepak Chopra has written the following quiz to help you get a sense of how much you are trying to control your emotional state in what may be an unhealthy way. It only takes about five minutes to do this. 

Adapted from the book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Let’s get started. Answer Yes or No to the following 30 questions. Some of the statements may not seem very flattering, but try to be completely honest. This test should take around 4 minutes. 

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11 Jun 2020

Its very difficult because of everything being through social media. Moreover, the isolation i was harboring before has been reactivated in large by the Pandemic, so I don't talk to many people or have conversations that I feel people care or are listening. They are in their own world of thoughts..Its about who's smarter, and I just want to let go and be happy but conversations don't go well, so I have severe social anxiety. I feel I have to act tough because of my baby side. My brain now is trained and stuck in isolation of my own mixed thoughts.. and I kind of feel that everyone is against me.. its me against the world, which is really bad. People aren't as sensitive, they play the game, and I now am like stuck.. be transparent or act so that I don't get hurt and I play the game. Its always a catch 22 with me, conflicts and a lot of negativity because of how I am, and I feel others are. I expect people to act in certain ways. I wind up being like a robot to hide feelings. Overall, I don't really enjoy things and am finding it hard to be 'human' because that becomes a detriment. People expect things to be perfect, I can't be perfect with everything. Its a complex situation. I can't keep moving forward because I don't care about being perfect anymore like I was when I was younger.

Pay attention to the POSITIVE
10 Aug 2020

What is most important.

11 Jan 2021

I don't know how to handle people who are straightforward with all of their feelings. It's nigh impossible for anyone, and I mean anyone, to not register when the person opposite them is being honest and genuine. I fall apart in the face of this, but I am able to keep up a cool countenance and a lot of people will construe this as understanding what it is that they are telling me. It, in fact, puts me in a position of having to look at my own inability to present near every emotion I feel, let alone articulate them. The only ones that come out are rash frustration and anger. I feel entirely overwhelmed by my own emotions, but I have become proficient in keeping them down or explaining them away to myself. The few people in my life who have been close to me are the ones who are most exposed to this side of me, and they are rightfully shocked and wounded by the outbursts. I have slowly become more and more able, with the help of my partner, family and therapist, to speak to my other emotions, as well as my anger and frustration. I cannot help feeling inept and incapable in the face of the pain I cause those closest to me, because of my outbursts, and their being upset from them. I lose myself, unconsciously, I have come to realize, to habits that provoke my loved ones and permit me to seem the victim of their actions. It eats me up inside when I am unable to truly fix the problem and I lose myself to self-pity and self-loathing. That isn't to say that I am not doing better at being more expressive and permitting an even larger circle of people to become closer to me and see me for all that I am. However, these difficulties will still come up and will greatly impact those who have become closest to me. There are still many hurdles that I have to get over in the way of becoming an open, honest and straightforward man, but I have finally begun to inch my way towards that goal. To everyone out there facing the same: never cease reminding yourself that you cannot fix everything, emotion is not weakness and you will be okay if you lean into discomfort and vulnerability. At the end of it all: you should love yourself for the multitudes that exist within you, good and bad. Be safe and take care. -SRB

23 Mar 2021

ICS sufffer

11 Jun 2021

Why is it that you can't take the tests? It doesn't work.

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