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According to the National Institutes of Health, each year nearly 1-in-5 adults are affected by anxiety.

Many of us worry from time to time. We fret over finances, feel anxious about job interviews, or get nervous about social gatherings. These feelings can be normal or even helpful. They may give us a boost of energy or help us focus. But for people with anxiety disorders, they can be overwhelming.

People with these disorders have feelings of fear and uncertainty that interfere with everyday activities and last for 6 months or more. Anxiety disorders can also raise your risk for other medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse, and even depression.

The good news is that most anxiety disorders get better with therapy. The course of treatment depends on the type of anxiety disorder. Medications, psychotherapy (“talk therapy”), EMDR therapy (such as the Virtual EMDR Program) or a combination of both can usually relieve troubling symptoms. 

Troubled by Anxiety? If feelings of anxiety seem overwhelming or interfere with every-day activities:

1.See your family doctor or nurse practitioner.

2.alk to a mental health professional. Consider finding someone trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy who is also open to using medication if needed. 

3.Consider joining a self-help or support group to share problems and achievements with others.

4.Stress management techniques and mindfulness meditation may help relieve anxiety symptoms.

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Sunny E. 11 Nov 2020 Reply

Am always very busy with my business. As a result, am beginning to have sight problems even though am just 42yrs old. Sometimes I find it difficult to think straight or remembers things fast. What should I do to solve this problem.

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