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Disempowering my Negative Thoughts

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I am an US Army Veteran.

For years, I have had behavior problems that I have not been able to make sense of.  I have anger, depression, and irritability that gets set off over the smallest things and then would last for days.   

I tried Virtual EMDR in the summer of 2019, and did about 10 sessions to deal with my anger and my shutting down emotionally.

The program does what it says it does! 

It uncovers the deep-down issues that our conscious minds can't access and brings them to the surface to be dealt with.   

The negative things that came to the surface during the sessions were disempowered.

Virtual EMDR changed the way I felt. After the sessions, I felt more at ease and what used to quickly trigger a response didn’t trigger that response anymore.

I didn't have to counsel with anyone rehashing painful things that never got results.

There is a science to EMDR and I don't entirely understand how it can work, but it does...for any traumatic thing anyone might have gone through. 

I absolutely recommend it to other police, military, first responders. 

Thank you,


Mike L, US Army Veteran

Editor's Note: If you are a member (active or veteran) of any military branch, Virtual EMDR salutes you for your service. Pls email us at with your story and we will be happy to provide you with free access to Virtual EMDR.

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