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Working finally on Childhood Trauma with Virtual EMDR

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I am a US Military Veteran.

I was suffering from various symptoms of PTSD, including nightmares and triggers to certain life situations. 

After using Virtual EMDR, I found myself grow calmer and less likely to be triggered. 

It helped me work on traumatic experiences that I discovered even back in my childhood. 

I tried to do at least one session per day during my month-long access.

After my access to Virtual EMDR expired, I tried using EMDR programs that I found on the internet, but none of them were as versatile and effective as Virtual EMDR. 

I look forward to the opportunity to continue using Virtual EMDR for a longer period of time so I can process through more of my issues.

Thank you,

LariAnn G (Honorably discharged, USAF)

Editor's Note: If you are a member (active or veteran) of any military branch, Virtual EMDR salutes you for your service. Pls email us at with your story and we will be happy to provide you with free access to Virtual EMDR.

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