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As a young child, I experienced extreme domestic abuse in my home. My father was an alcoholic, arriving home late and frequently beating my mother.

By Britt

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As a young child, I experienced extreme domestic abuse in my home.

My father was an alcoholic, arriving home late and frequently beating my mother. He was impatient with us, aggressive with how he communicated and how he treated us physically.

My earliest memories come in when I am 3 or 4, but I am sure they were happening since the time I was born. 

Experiencing the abuse of my mother made me feel helpless and frozen.

Q: What Negative Beliefs did you have when you started?

This trauma shattered my confidence and self-esteem, which led to an eating disorder and drug use starting at 14 through 21.

Post-21, I began healing first from the eating disorder, which allowed space for other things to heal.

Still today, after much healing, I still have thoughts of: "What is wrong with me?" "Why can't I connect with other people?" "Why am I isolated and left out?"

Q: How did you change these to Positive Beliefs?

I understand now that the trauma I experienced as such a young child led me to feel like a victim, helpless to circumstances.

Now I know that I am in control, and that bad things happened to me that had negative consequences.

Nothing is wrong with me. I am whole, I can be happy and peaceful and I can be in fulfilling, happy relationships.

Q: Where are you now on your journey?

I am on the journey of full embodying my own peace and happiness, accepting the past and have mercy for myself and my parents.

Q: Anything else to share with the Virtual EMDR community?

Have the courage to face your past so that you are able to move on. 

You can walk into the future with peace and happiness.

Our testimonials are 100% real, but sometimes our clients understandably do not want their images or real names associated with their mental health publicly. Some images or names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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Virtual EMDR · 07 Oct 2019

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Britt - you are whole, you are wonderful, and you are so courageous to share your story. Thank you for the inspirational example you are setting for others in your shoes. Walk into your future with love and support from the Virtual EMDR community.

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