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Hi there! I wanted to write and say how impressed I am with this EMDR tool, and say THANK YOU so much for creating it as thoroughly as you have. I have already used it a handful of times this week.

By Rose Warner · London UK

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I wanted to write to say how impressed I am with Virtual EMDR and say THANK YOU so much for creating it as thoroughly as you have.

I have already used it a handful of times this week. and I have experienced some incredible results already.  
In late 2017, I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. Since then, I had 20 hours of face-to-face EMDR therapy, which had resolved childhood abandonment issues and specific physical traumas.

I suffered from night terrors, panic attacks and chronic pain. It was difficult to leave the house, let alone lead a normal life.

When I first came across Virtual EMDR (from your Instagram ads), I felt sceptical at first. I wasn't sure EMDR would work on my own.

But then I saw that you type your experiences into the framework provided, as if there was a therapist there asking the questions. It was that detail that got me to try it. I thought, "It has the role of the therapist covered. I get to "talk" about what's going on and make targets to hit. OK, this is legit."

I am committed to continuing with this work. The healing and reconnection to myself that I am feeling... it is incredible.

And the fact that I can do it anywhere? Anytime?? I don't know how to tell you how relieved I am to have found this!

Already I have shared it with family and my psychiatrist. She is one of the top in the country for diagnosing and treating "complex women" (as she puts it!).

The clients she sees are often high functioning, very intelligent and capable, with a lot to offer the world. They are also much more common than you'd think. She said it looked fantastic!

Thank you guys! Keep up the good work. You are saving lives.

Our testimonials are 100% real, but sometimes our clients understandably do not want their images or real names associated with their mental health publicly. Some images or names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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Virtual EMDR · 07 Oct 2019

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Wow! Thank you so much, Ros W, for your kind words about Virtual EMDR. We are so glad that you have found a tool that works for your PTSD and trauma, and we are thrilled to be able to help you on your journey. Your story will inspire many people and encourage them to take the first step towards healing. Mental health is indeed a priceless gift that needs to be passed on so everyone can experience it.

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