Virtual EMDR Works Better Than Anything I Have Ever Tried!

I grew up in a very volatile home, so Monday was like Friday and they all seemed alike. Many memories, but similar accounts. So it is really not one particular event, but many similar ones.

By Wil S.

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I grew up in a very volatile home, so Monday was like Friday and they all seemed alike. Many memories, but similar accounts. So it is really not one particular event, but many similar ones.

I focus more on beliefs, repeated statements I would say throughout my life. But the majority of the focus is on the feeling.

We may not be able to cognitively bring everything up exactly as it happened but the feeling is exactly the same.

The feelings never "lie". I see these feelings as suppressed or buried or unreleased or un-felt.

The feeling drives everything, once it passes or is felt whatever, the belief or thought is powerless. It’s just an event at that point. It just “happened”.

I have done energy work for the past 12 years intensely, but most of the methods did not get the job done.

Virtual EMDR works better than anything I have ever tried!  This is amazing in its natural ability for us to "let go". 

In my experience, Virtual EMDR is the best thing for releasing all the suppressed feelings ... Thank you!

My personal view on EMDR, not anything scientific or academically studied, is that it allows us to cross the conscious/subconscious boundary and it allows us to feel, process or whatever it does.

It lets those unprocessed feelings get to be released. At that point those false, limiting beliefs collapse as the emotion is no longer there to fuel it. Everything comes from our feelings...

I think the great power of Virtual EMDR is the release or processing of the driving feeling that acts as blocks.

Much like after a dam is taken down, energy starts flowing and things go to where they should be before this energy was blocked.

As energy flows back again, it "corrects" what was wrong, like blood flowing back to an limb that was in a tourniquet.

When a deep life-long problem can be vanquished in 1- 4 sessions (at the most a couple of hours of work); one has found a tremendous cure!

There are stories of people who suffered HORRIFIC abuse in life and childhood and afterward it is just GONE!

There’s also a “collateral” effect to EMDR: Working on one issue may take care of other issues, because it cuts energy to all other negative or limiting beliefs connected or stemming form that feeling.

I now see a light at end of tunnel, I feel more calm. I feel less resistance to doing everything.

I will be upping my individual sessions to one hour. Incidentally, my experience is that the best time to do EMDR is when you feel tired or worn down, because this state reduces resistance and it works even better. Just my subjective opinion.

Thanks for everything!

Our testimonials are 100% real, but sometimes our clients understandably do not want their images or real names associated with their mental health publicly. Some images or names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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Virtual EMDR · 25 Oct 2019

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Hi - Fascinating insight into EMDR's role in releasing suppressed feelings and unblocking stuck energy. So glad to hear that Virtual EMDR has worked for you and that you now feel more calm and less resistance to life. Please continue to share your experiences using the program, thank you!

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