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Overcoming PTSD from severe child abuse

Tags: PTSD , Self-guided therapy , Anxiety , Childhood Trauma

My issue is PTSD from severe child abuse.

I've done four sessions since joining Virtual EMDR over a week ago. The first was very light - getting over my anxiety at keeping an appointment in my neighborhood. The second and third had to do with isolated traumatic events in my adolescence.

All three sessions gave me relief from my anxiety around those events.

During the Virtual EMDR session, I found myself totally immersed in the memory.  

Not as the small child cowering on the floor, but as my adult self-witnessing the event as if I were "in the room" in present time and unable to stop what was happening.

Every detail was clear - even though this happened over half a century ago.



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Virtual EMDR
07 Oct 2019

Margaret- thank you for sharing your story. Happy to hear that using Virtual EMDR gave you relief from the symptoms of your PTSD and anxiety. Please continue to use the program until the emotional associations with your memories are eliminated. Let us continue to support you on your healing journey.

16 Oct 2019

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