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What Type Of Addiction Do You Have?

21 Feb 2019

Are you addicted to nicotine, alcohol or drugs? Or to "process addictions" such as shopping, gambling, work, exercise, sex, love and relationships, technology, and online gaming? 

University Study: Emdr Therapy Key To Addiction Sobriety

20 Jun 2018

A recent scientific study reported that alcohol-addicted patients who received EMDR treatment had higher levels of sobriety six months out than those who did not.

Feeling Stuck? Make A Mental Health Action Plan

18 Sep 2017

If you’re struggling with depression, addiction, PTSD, or other mental health conditions, creating your "Mental Health Action Plan" can help you get well and start living life again.

What It Felt Like Using At-home Emdr Therapy To Get Sober

07 Feb 2017

Shelly shares her inspirational story of using EMDR therapy (with therapists and through Virtual EMDR) to overcome her childhood trauma and addiction issues. 

6 Things That Will Happen When You Treat Your Addiction With Emdr

05 Jul 2016

Our guest writer, Scott  from Chicago, shares his personal story of using EMDR (with therapists and Virtual EMDR) to treat his multiple addictions with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

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